Veterinary services for remote and regional locations.

Outback & Airborne Veterinary Services are dedicated to reaching and providing animal care to the remote regions of the Australian Outback. Our staff have been COVID vaccinated.

Our Services

We are dedicated to providing veterinary treatment to animals large and small in remote locations in the Top End of Australia.

(Northern Territory, Far North Queensland)

Small animals

- Remote area veterinary services

- Disease surveillance and investigations

- Surgical and pharmacological population control

- Basic consultations and referral pathways

Large animals

- Remote veterinary services

- Cattle consultancy

- Camel consultancy

- Equine consultation

- Disease surveillance and investigations

- Referral pathways

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Where do we work...

Outback Vets
Outback Vets - where we work
Outback Vets

Can you see all the space above the red line? There is little to no veterinary services there, limited resources, isolated and mental stress.  It is vast, rugged and a remote part of Australia which often is untouched with animal care.  This is where we work – taking the stress off individuals who inhabit this region and travel thousands of kilometres and also offer fly-in fly-out veterinary services.  

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Our experience and adventures across the globe...

After many years working within various countries, cultures and practices Dr Campbell Costello has returned to far north Australia as a veterinarian.


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