Meet Dr Campbell Costello B.VSc
(Dr Cozy)

Dr Costello is a multi-species general practitioner who obtained his degree at James Cook University in 2010. After many years working within varying countries, cultures and practices, he has returned to North Queensland and the Northern Territory as a veterinarian. His return to NQ and the NT has mostly involved him working in remote Indigenous communities, where he has committed to several animal management programs.

Dr Costello has a professional interest in both public health and preventative medicine. This is evident through his work in Disease Surveillance across Australia and his Disease Response training in Nepal with the FAO & the United Nations. This knowledge has given Dr Costello an insight into what needs to be done in the Northern Territory and North Queensland in regards to preventative measures and disease outbreak.

Whilst working within Arnhem Land, the Northern Territory and Northern Queensland, Dr Costello has worked closely with Indigenous communities, educating them on the benefits of spaying and treating their canines and pets. Not only does Dr Costello immerse himself within these regions, but he has come away with an enriched knowledge of the Indigenous culture.

Along with extensive experience inside indigenous communities, Dr Costello is an accomplished veterinarian with a keen sense of adventure. As a licensed pilot and owner of a Piper Lance aeroplane, Dr Costello has transportation covered. He is aware that an understanding of the distance and locations of these communities is vital and would like to face these challenges head-on.

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